The Sussex Road Relay Championships were held at Christ’s Hospital School with the Blue Stars fielding 12 teams across the various age groups..
The first event was for the Under 13 Girls, run over 3 legs of the 1.2 mile circuit. The A team were led off by Phoebe Penston, who ran 7m33s, she handed over to Olivia Sharpe, who ran 7m13s, the fastest of the team and with Honey Thomson running 7m40s on the final leg the team finished 10th of the 26 competing teams. The ‘B’ team of Ella van der Veen (7m57s), Emma Harrison (7m40s) and Jasmine Tamblin (7m29s) finished 14th. The Under 13 Boys event run over the same course, saw 3 Blue Star teams competing with the A team of Dominic Barber (6m35s), Ryan Rothe (6m44s) and Will Gosden (6m35s) take 9th position with the other two teams finishing in 20th and 21st places. Sam Richards started off for the Under 15 Boys team, running an excellent 6m02s and with Jesse Mackarel running 7m34s and Tom Clark 6m24s the team finished 7th.

The Senior and Veterans Races were run over a lap of exactly 2 miles, with the Over 50 Mens team finishing 11th. Andy Dunstan started off for the team running 11m51s, with David Maclean running 12m55s and John Eltham 14m14s the team took 11th position, whilst in the Over 60 Men’s race the team of Ron Shannon (13m14s, Stewart Mackman (14m24s) and Bob Scrivener (16m00s) the team took an excellent 4th place. The final event of the day was the Senior Men’s race, which saw 27 teams face the starter, run over 6 legs. The A team was led off by Bradley Burke, who ran 10m38s, he handed over to Harry Eaton, who ran exactly the same time. Jonathan Arnold ran the third leg and recorded 11m35s, with Jacob Cann running the fourth leg and recording the team’s fastest time of 9m59s, which also gained him third fastest Under 20 award. Ash Williams ran 10m36s on the fifth leg and with Josh Barnett running 10m35s the team finished in 9th place.

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