The Sussex County Road Relay Championships took place at Christs Hospital School and saw the Blue Stars have 13 teams competing across the age groups.

The event started with the Under 13 Girls race, run over 3 legs of just over a mile, with Sophie Morris
leading off for the A team and running an excellent 6m51s for the course, and recording the fastest time for the Club. She handed over to Emilia Burtenshaw who ran 7m18s and with Olivia Sharpe running the final leg she brought the team home in 5th place running 7m34s. The B team of Madeliene Way (7m47s), Sophie Lopez (8m23s) and Katie Oliver (8m33s) finished 16th.

The Under 13 Boys race, also run over 3 legs of a mile, saw 5 Blue Star teams toe the line. The A team of Ryan Rothe (6m46s), Jesse Mackarel (6m44s) and Reuben Marsden (6m43s) finished 9th, with the B team of Dominic Barber (6m43s), Tristan Bradley (6m50s) and Luke Bull (7m37s) finished 16th, whilst the C team finished 19th, the D team 23rd and the E team 25th out of the 29 competing teams. The Under 15 Boys A team saw Ashley Williams run 5m36s, the fastest time for the Club and with Sam Richards running 6m12s and Ollie Arnold 6m44s the team finished 8th, whilst in the Under 15 Girls event Izzy Hayes ran an excellent 6m26s to record the 8th fastest overall time.

The Senior Women’s race run over 3 legs of the longer 2 mile lap saw the team finish in an excellent 5th position. Led off by Annabel Morton, who ran 12m04s, then Alex Richer ran 12m29s on the second leg and Yasmin Akbay brought the team home with a final leg of 13m25s. Morton was the fastest Under 17 Woman overall, with Richer 3rd fastest.

The Senior Men’s race, run over 6 legs of the 2 mile course, saw the A team finish in an excellent 6th place. Luke Burgess led the team off, running 10m39s, which earned him 3rd fastest overall for the Under 17 age group, he handed over to Harry Eaton, having his first run for the Club, kept the team in contention running 10m45s. Bernie Spannagl running third leg moved the Club into 4th position with an excellent run of 10m04s. Frances Scarr ran 11m26s on the 4th leg, to drop back one place, Bradley Burke held that position on the fifth leg with a run of 11m13s and Luke Triccas brought the team home running the final leg with a time of 11m34s. The B team of Jonathan Arnold (11m58s), Adrian Fautly (11m04s), Charlie Maclean (12m48s), David Maclean (13m42s), Jack Milnthorpe (13m05s) and James Maclean (14m24s) finished in 20th position. The Over 50 Men’s team of Rob Clarke (13m21s), Ron Shannon (15m11s) and Stewart Mackman (15m03s) finished 20th.

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